Object Storage as a Service

Object storage began on the cloud and all major clouds are built on that technology. Our object storage solution delivers a flexible deployment model and modular scaling unlike the traditional enterprise storage where acquisition costs measured in cost per terabyte tend to increase with scale, object storage systems become more efficient and less costly with scale.

Our object storage solution is not an architectural enhancement, but rather a fundamentally different approach to storage with benefits tailored for large capacity use cases which effectively reduces CAPEX and OPEX.

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Limitless Scalability

Object storage’s flat file system eliminates the scaling limitations of traditional storage, which in turn allows an object storage system to grow much larger than traditional storage.

Driven by Metadata

Metadata identifies properties of a storage object and can be customized and updated over time. Google-like search and data visualization tools make information easy to find and analyze.

Cloud Native

Object storage is the storage technology of the cloud. On-prem object storage employs the same language (the S3 API), so the two storage environments can be managed as one for use cases such as DR and on-demand capacity expansion.

Files and Objects

File storage systems face limitations in capacity. and cost. Object storage offers limitless scale at lower cost. While not intended for transactional data where operations-per-second is critical, object storage presents an economic option for large pools of less latency-sensitive files.