DRaaS with veeam

DRaaS with Veeam®™ leverages virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies to provide availability across most platforms while delivering RPOs and RTOs of less than 15 minutes for all applications.

Veeam is Agentless and eliminates the need to purchase, deploy or maintain agents on hosts or VMs while providing fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of VMs, virtualized applications and data.



Verified Protection: Ensures that files, applications, and virtual servers can be reliably restored when needed; ensures business resiliency through automated backup and DR testing.

Leveraged Data: Eliminates the risks associated with application deployment, configuration changes, and other testing scenarios; allows testing of changes in a production-like environment before deploying them.

Support multi-hypervisors: from one console, you can protect VMware, vSphere and microsoft hyper-v VMs by replicating to Layer3Cloud.

Support any storage: Freedom to use whatever mix of production and backup storage.

Immutable backup copies mean that data is secure and unable to be modified or deleted even against malware and malicious actors.

No additional data management is needed to make backup copies secure from ransomware, malware or other malicious actors.

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