Why do only a few companies offer reliable cloud computing solutions in nigeria?

24 Aug, 2023 - 0 Comment(s)

When it comes to Cloud Computing Solutions, Nigeria seems to be caught in a paradox. In Nigeria, only a handful of companies can provide reliable and robust cloud computing services. This discrepancy in robust cloud computing services can be attributed to a combination of factors. 

  • Power supply and limited internet connectivity issues
  • Zero investment in cloud infrastructure
  • Regulatory Hurdles in Nigeria


Power supply and limited internet connectivity issues

One of the primary reasons for the scarcity of reliable cloud computing providers is the infrastructural challenges that Nigeria faces. Inconsistent power supply and limited internet connectivity have long been obstacles to the seamless operation of data centers. Only Layer3Cloud offers the best cloud computing services in this country.


Zero investment in cloud infrastructure

Building data centers, purchasing hardware, and hiring skilled personnel require substantial investments that not all companies can afford. Only a few big internet service providers with deep pockets can make this type of investment. The lack of interest of global internet service providers in investing in this country can be a major reason. However, a few Cloud Computing Solutions in Nigeria are making big investments in this sector.


Regulatory Hurdles in Nigeria

Regulatory hurdles also play a role in the limited offerings of cloud computing solutions in Nigeria. Ambiguities in data protection and cybersecurity laws can discourage potential providers from entering the market, fearing legal consequences or potential breaches of sensitive customer information. Virtual Private Server Provider in Nigeria is working to resolve current regulatory hurdles.


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