How cloud service providers are transforming the business landscape in nigeria with technology?

18 May, 2023 - 0 Comment(s)

There is a saying that technology brings transformation to the world and this proverb has become true for Nigerian businesses. After the arrival of cloud computing, Nigerian businesses are gaining significant growth in their business activities.

Layer3Cloud is the leading cloud service provider in Nigeria. Let’s find out how different services offered by this cloud service provider are changing the business landscape in Nigeria and bringing transformation to the people.

  1. Virtual Data Centre
  2. Backup as a Service
  3. CloudShare

Virtual Data Centre

Building a conventional data center require millions of dollar worth of investment, which is not affordable for small businesses. On the other hand virtual data center offered by this Virtual Private Server Provider in Nigeria is much more affordable for small Nigerian businesses.


Backup as a Service

Backing up important data sets is necessary, but many small businesses do not have the infrastructure to do this. Fortunately, Layer3Cloud is offering it as an affordable service to small Nigerian businesses. As a result, these small businesses can keep necessary backups of their important data sets.


Cloud Share

The best part of Cloud Hosting in Nigeria is CloudShare. With the help of this feature, small Nigerian businesses can do file sync and share software solutions with clients. This feature of cloud computing has made Nigerian small businesses compete on the global platform.

New infrastructure and technology offered by cloud computing have brought a new revolution to the Nigerian business community. As a result, small businesses in Nigeria can trade with their global partners with the help of different cloud computing services.


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